Dobos cake – Dobos torta

This Hungarian cake was named after its famous creator József C. Dobos (1847-1924). The key to its success is the multiple layers of sponge cake, the buttery chocolate filling and the crispy sweet caramel top. This cake definitely will win all your guests over and I promise you it’s not difficult to make.



9 eggs

210 g icing sugar

210 g self rising flour

50 g soft butter

pinch of salt


For the cream:

6 eggs

250 g icing sugar

200 g dark chocolate

2 teaspoon cocoa powder

300 g soft butter


For the crunchy caramel top:

1 teaspoon of butter

180 g caster sugar

1 juice of a lemon

small cube of butter


As we need to bake the layers separately, its important to prepare well. Draw 6 circles onto baking paper with the help of a plate or round baking tray and preheat the oven to 210 C. Lay the paper over baking trays as many as you can fit into the oven in the same time. If you cannot fit 3 trays at the same time I recommend to prepare half of the pastry first, otherwise the egg will collapse and the cake won’t be light and fluffy.

Prepare the pastry by separating the eggs into two deep bowls. Mix the sugar and the soft butter with the egg yolk for 5-10 minutes till light coloured and frothy. With a clean mixer beat up the egg whites with a pinch of salt then add to the egg yolk mixture gently with the flour. Use a spoon to mix together and a strainer to add the flour.

Spread the pastry evenly on each circle on to the baking paper then bake for 10 minutes in the hot oven. When done turn upside down onto a clean kitchen towel and remove the baking paper immediately and cool down. Bake all 6 layers.

For the cream melt up the chocolate over steam and put aside. Beat the eggs with the sugar over boiling water till thick then add the cocoa powder and melted chocolate and whisk for a few minutes and cool down. Mix up the butter with 20 g sugar for 5-10 minutes then mix the two creams together.

Build up your cake by spreading the chocolate cream over 5 layers and put one layer aside for the caramel top. Leave 3 tablespoons from the cream for the decoration.

Prepare the crunchy caramel top by melting up the sugar with the lemon juice over 1 teaspoon of butter in a sauce pan. Be careful because the melted sugar is extremely hot! Pour the caramel over the remaining sponge layer and smooth with a knife. Now with a carving knife the create the caramel wedges. At first pull the knife over the butter then press down into the caramel, don’t cut it through yet, just draw a line into it, let the knife stop half way through. Repeat the movement by dividing the segments till you get 12 pre-drawn wedges in the caramel. Make sure you always pull the knife through the butter before every movement. When its done separate the wedges with the knife by putting some pressure quickly over it, it’s almost like breaking the crunchy top into pieces.

Fill your decorating bag with the remaining chocolate cream and make 12 small swirls near the the edge. Lay the caramel wedges over it all around the top. Put it into the fridge and let it rest for 4-6 hours before you serve.

Enjoy it!

Cooking time: 120 minutes

You need to bake a minimum of 5 layers but increasing the number also increases the luxury of the cake

Calories and nutrition

Calories: 607 Carbo: 67 g Protein: 9.7 g Fat: 38.3 g


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