Sweet pork tenderloin with nutty mash


This pork loin is a great dish to celebrate the Spring Wine Festival. The sweet gravy embraces the tender meat while the crunchy grapes dance around your plate. The celeriac makes the mash fresh and powerful. After all these complex flavours you probably need to clean your palate with a crisp glass of wine. Luckily we have recommended one for you.



2 pork tenderloin

2 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon butter

300 ml Tokaji Aszú*

2-3 cloves


2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 bay leaf

400 g seedless grapes

salt, pepper


For the mash:

600 g potato

100 g celeriac

80 g walnut

1 tablespoon butter

salt, pepper


Peel the potato and celeriac, chop up into small pieces and boil in salty water. In a frying pan roast the walnuts until you can smell their fragrance then place in a pestle and crush into smaller pieces. When the potato is soft mash together with the butter, walnut and season with salt.

Season the pork with salt and pepper then roast each side on the hot oil and add the butter. When you have sealed the meat evenly, sprinkle some freshly grated nutmeg and cayenne pepper on the top, add the cloves and the bay leaf and pour the sweet wine inside. Reduce the heat and braise for 20 minutes under the lid.

Move the meat to a hot plate and cover with aluminum foil. Remove the cloves then add the grapes to the remaining gravy, cook it for 5 minutes then it’s ready to serve.


Cooking time: 50 minutes


Icons:frying pan


Use Muscat or some good quality dessert wine if you can’t get the Hungarian Tokaji Aszú

Calories and nutrition

Calories: 670 Carbo: 60 g Protein: 43,8 g Fat: 20 g


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