Stuffed capsicum with sweet tomato sauce

This Hungarian dish is my childhood favourite. With small capsicums we used to create golf ball sized meatballs from left over mince which were then dipped into sweet tomato sauce. My grandma then boiled some plain potatoin salt water which we mashed with our forks and combined with this tangy peppery treat.


8 sweet pepper (capsicum)

110 g dry rice

500 g minced beef

1 tablespoon Hungarian paprika powder

1 egg

1 medium onion

small bunch of parsley

salt, pepper

For the tomato sauce

1 can whole tomato in juice

6 sage leaves

2 tablespoon flour

3 tablespoon butter

100 ml water

2-3 tablespoon sugar


Cook the rice half way in the usual volume of water then drain and cool down. Cut off the top of the sweet peppers and remove the seeds. Mix the mince with the rice, the egg and all the spices then stuff into the peppers.

Mix the tomato with the sugar into a blender to get a sweet tomato sauce. In a large and tall saucer pan melt up the butter then brown the flour for a few minutes. Whisk quickly while adding the water then turn the hob on low and add the tomato sauce. Put the sage and the stuffed peppers inside, season with salt then slow-cook for 40-50 minutes.

Serve with boiled and mashed potato.

Cooking time:70 minutes

Tip: If you have more mince than pepper, simply form balls with your palm and cook in the tomato sauce.

Calories and nutrition:

Calories: 567 Carbs:83 g Protein:30,9 g Fat:9,8


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