Hortobagy pancakes

I believe this is the most amazing pancake I ever had in my life! Truly Hungarian with all its paprika flavour, silky and creamy gravy sauce and feather light pastry. Whenever I made this dish it was always a winner and I”m sure once you try it you”ll never miss an opportunity to have it again. Ingredients: 2 large onion, peeled and finely chopped 2 … Continue reading Hortobagy pancakes

Hungarian layered potato bake

This Hungarian recipe is simple and tasty. It was often our dinner during a busy week as it does not need much preparation. The smokiness from the Hungarian sausage goes deep inside the potato, the velvety sour cream makes the dish complete and heartwarming. Have some pickled gherkinor beetroot on the side to get the best out of your meal. Ingredients: 4-5 potato 5 egg … Continue reading Hungarian layered potato bake

Orange Sachercake

The original Austrian-Hungarian cake is not just Vienna’s most famous dessert but my grandma’s favourite as well. Whist the traditional Sachertorte is usually made with apricot jam and served with whipped cream, I prefer to use orange marmalade in my version as it goes extremely well with the deep dark chocolate. Serving with creme fraiche or sour cream gives some edge to the cake. Ingredients: … Continue reading Orange Sachercake

Game style leg of lamb with dumplings

My mother is the expert in preparing the vegetable sauce for this meat, and she’s the one who began using wine to give a bit of sparkle to the meal. It’s hard to decide what I love the most in this Hungarian food, the sweet and creamy carrot sauce, the tender and garlicky lamb or the spongy dumplings. Luckily we can enjoy all these flavours … Continue reading Game style leg of lamb with dumplings

Judit’s vibrant Camembert salad

This salad is simple but still delicious. I learnt it many years ago from one of my mother’s friends – I just tinkered a little. The smokiness of the bacon rashers enchant the cheese and they just melt away together. Then this gushing velvet runs into the crunchy rocket and the juicy salad. As we are enjoying our dish a mixture of new flavors suddenly … Continue reading Judit’s vibrant Camembert salad

Roast duck with apple in red wine sauce

The way Hungarians eat the duck is totally different from what Western European do. It’s not pink or medium rare but soft, juicy and rich meat. The skin is as salty and crispy that you can not even wait for the meal to be served but you have to break a small pieces off. The smoky flavour of the shallots is brilliantly compensated by the … Continue reading Roast duck with apple in red wine sauce

Buttersoft Sirloin with Crispy Onions – Hagymás rostélyos

I learnt this recipe when I met my beloved Richard. He is a real ‘meat-lover’ who is especially crazy about beef, so I had to increase my repertoire. At first he didn’t like the idea to not have the steak medium rare but after he tasted the buttery soft meat with the roasted onion and freshly grated black pepper he didn’t mind at all!   … Continue reading Buttersoft Sirloin with Crispy Onions – Hagymás rostélyos

Lamb shashlik with tomato hearts

This lamb shashlik is a great reflection of Spring. Fresh with the fragrance of citrus and sage, complete with light and round puff pastry enriched with ripe tomato. The warmness heats up not just our stomach, but our soul as well, so we have nothing left to do but lay back and succumb to the flavors. Ingredients: 600 g leg of lamb 2 zucchini 30-35 … Continue reading Lamb shashlik with tomato hearts

Sweet pork tenderloin with nutty mash

  This pork loin is a great dish to celebrate the Spring Wine Festival. The sweet gravy embraces the tender meat while the crunchy grapes dance around your plate. The celeriac makes the mash fresh and powerful. After all these complex flavours you probably need to clean your palate with a crisp glass of wine. Luckily we have recommended one for you.   Ingredients 2 … Continue reading Sweet pork tenderloin with nutty mash

All Thyme onion soup – Kakukfuves hagymaleves

Its my all time favourite, every time we went to a restaurant I burnt my tongue because I couldn’t wait for it to cool down. It just tastes so good from with the roasted onion, fresh herbs and crispy toast. This creamy soup is simple to make but it will definitely awe your guests.   Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 kg onion 2 cloves … Continue reading All Thyme onion soup – Kakukfuves hagymaleves