Lecsó – Hungarian ratatouille

Hungarian lecsó is one of the most popular summer dishes of all time. It”s easy to make and doesn’t need much preparation, only juicy and ripe tomatoes and sweet peppers. Some people cook rice with the dish but I prefer to put some scrambled egg inside, slice a piece of fresh bread and dunk into the hot pot. The plate is always clean at the end.


2 onion (medium), finely chopped

2 tablespoon olive oil

6 Californian pepper (red and orange)

5 tomatoes

150-200 g kolbász (or chorizo)

1 tablespoon of Hungarian paprika powder

1/2 tablespoon marjoram

3 eggs

50 ml water

salt, pepper

fresh white bread

Remove the seeds from the paprika and skin the tomatoes then dice them up. Chop up the kolbász (chorizo) into 3-4 mm slices

Brown the onion and the kolbász in the olive oil then remove from the hob and add the water. Stir quickly for a few seconds, add water and put back onto the hob. Add the vegetables, season with salt, pepper and marjoram then cook for 20-25 minutes on low.

Beat up the eggs and add to the simmering dish. Stir quickly, season with salt then serve with a great slice of fresh bread

Tip: Try to get Hungarian kolbász as it’s made with smoked Hungarian paprika. You can taste the difference.

Cooking time: 40minutes

Calories and nutrition:

Calories:306 Carbs:19.9 g Protein:13.5 g Fat:20.4


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