Butcher’s pot

One of the most interesting things in the Butcher’s pot is that despite it being a truly Hungarian dish it does not contains paprika powder at all. At least not my version. The smoky bacon gives a great start for the hearty pot, the runner beans and the gherkin balance it perfectly, turning the dish into a summer stew. Egg barley or small pasta is … Continue reading Butcher’s pot

Hungarian style pork with polenta

This is a very simple, cost effective yet delicious Hungarian recipe – ideal for weekday dinners as it doesn’t take much time to prepare. The hearty gravy rejuvenates you at the end of the day. All the rustic flavorsof the paprika and caraway seeds seep into the meat making it so tender you don’t even need a knife. Ingredients: 2 pork tenderloins 1 onion, finely … Continue reading Hungarian style pork with polenta

Cheese chicken bake

Here I am again introducing another recipe from my mother’s collection. I guess we shared a kitchen for a long time after all! This chicken recipe is never dry as the single cream moisturizes it perfectly. All the lovely flavours from the chicken combine with the cheese coating, garlic, pepper and mustard and gives a beautiful seasoning to the dish. Ingredients: 520 g chicken breast … Continue reading Cheese chicken bake