Lemon cream buns

There’s only one thing I love more than a cream bun it’s a lemon cream bun. The fluffy pastry is filled with the lemony cream, topped with the dark purplish blueberries. When you hold one in your palm it’s as light as a chubby marshmallow. Its sweet flowery fragrance slowly drifts up to your nose, and seduces you completely. For the pastry: 4 tsp caster … Continue reading Lemon cream buns

Tin foil braised poussine

My tin foil braised poussine recipe gives you a healthy and light lunch idea. The steam turns everything tender and moist. The gravy is like the distillate of all the golden vegetables and tender meat. You can taste the green herbs and spices and a tangy-ness of the wine in every mouth full. It doesn’t require any other side-dish but if you want a side, … Continue reading Tin foil braised poussine

Turkey with apricot and garlic

This dish gives a totally new meaning to eating turkey. You don’t need any special occasion to make it, its easy to make and very cheap. You hide the garlic and the apricot inside the meat, season with fresh herbs and lemon then seal in the flavor with bacon so nothing can escape during cooking. The turkey is moist, tender and extremely delicious – not … Continue reading Turkey with apricot and garlic