Egg baskets with fresh salad

A fulfilling and refreshing every day breakfast. The crispy toasties cuddle the warm eggs tight and together they act like an energy bomb keeping you going for the whole morning. The juicy salad with the tangy red onion and green herbs balance the eggs perfectly, the fresh parsley helps to clean your body and blood. Ingredients: 8 + 1 small eggs 7-8 slices of whole … Continue reading Egg baskets with fresh salad

Chicken roll with sage and Brie

This modern chicken dish is jazzed up with traditional Hungarian spices and herbs, and borrows some cheese from the French. Creamy but still light, perfect for weekday dinners. I used some home-made fig jam to complement the Brie, but blueberry jam would also do the trick. Ingredients 4 chicken breasts 128 g Brie Le Rustique 2 pack of smoked bacon rashers 1 bunch of sage … Continue reading Chicken roll with sage and Brie

Beef tatar

  Every Hungarian has their own recipe for beef tartar. Some like it hot, some prefer the sweeter tomato flavours, some just make it buttery or dazzle with a dash of cognac. So many different approaches – only one outcome: Hungarians love Beef tartar! I personally enjoy the milder seasoning variety on warm toast with melted butter and freshly ground black pepper. Ingredients: 400g beef … Continue reading Beef tatar

Judit’s vibrant Camembert salad

This salad is simple but still delicious. I learnt it many years ago from one of my mother’s friends – I just tinkered a little. The smokiness of the bacon rashers enchant the cheese and they just melt away together. Then this gushing velvet runs into the crunchy rocket and the juicy salad. As we are enjoying our dish a mixture of new flavors suddenly … Continue reading Judit’s vibrant Camembert salad