Cherry and almond slice

I learnt this recipe from my grandma, Neni. When she lived down the countryside, we visited her on some weekends. The sweet smell of the dessert filled up her kitchen and I would go straight off on my cake hunting expedition. I desperately wanted to discover the location of the cake. I opened all the cupboards and even stole the larder key from the hook. … Continue reading Cherry and almond slice

Flourless chocolate coffee cake

I love it when a cake gives double the pleasure and half the calories. This chocolate coffee cake lets us enjoy its flavours without us having to think about tomorrow’s workout.The slices are weightless on our plate, no flour, just crumbling golden hazelnut. Ingredients: 200 g dark chocolate 150 g butter 1 tablespoon coffee 6 eggs 2/3 sugar 1 1/2 cups hazelnut meat zest of … Continue reading Flourless chocolate coffee cake