Transylvanian beef goulash

Transylvania, formally part of Hungary, has beautifully flavoured and rich cuisine. In this dish the crunchy and edgy sauerkraut combines with the hearty beef stew, a unique culinary experience. Some home-made or fresh bread is almost essential as its gravy is as valuable as gold and every last drop should be mopped up. Ingredients: 800 g sauerkraut 900 g diced beef 1 tablespoon paprika powder … Continue reading Transylvanian beef goulash

Beef goulash stew in bread

Let me share again a very typical and traditional Hungarian dish which varies recipe varies in every household. This hearty dish looks great and tastes great too, and the fact that you can eat the plate afterwards is just a bonus. The slowly tenderized beef and wine stew-pot creates a gorgeous gravy which permeates the bread into the crust which is absolutely delicious. Ingredients: 750 … Continue reading Beef goulash stew in bread

Mum’s spaghetti bake

They say Italians are great with pasta but they have never tasted my mother’s spaghetti. She always prepares her pasta in the largest and deepest dish as she knows we just can’t stop eating. Sweet tomato and smoky oregano breaks through the layers, mixing the spaghetti and the mince perfectly. As you watch the cheese melting on top your stomach will growl louder than the … Continue reading Mum’s spaghetti bake

Beef tatar

  Every Hungarian has their own recipe for beef tartar. Some like it hot, some prefer the sweeter tomato flavours, some just make it buttery or dazzle with a dash of cognac. So many different approaches – only one outcome: Hungarians love Beef tartar! I personally enjoy the milder seasoning variety on warm toast with melted butter and freshly ground black pepper. Ingredients: 400g beef … Continue reading Beef tatar

Peppery beef pot with dodolle dumplings

When somebody asks me to cook a traditional Hungarian food for Lunch I always choose this one over goulash. The potato dumpling is soft and puffy and willing to soak all the gorgeous gravy from the beef. The sharpness of the black pepper slips away quickly with the creamy sauce and the rolling garden peas. The fusion of all the spices guarantee that everybody will … Continue reading Peppery beef pot with dodolle dumplings

Buttersoft Sirloin with Crispy Onions – Hagymás rostélyos

I learnt this recipe when I met my beloved Richard. He is a real ‘meat-lover’ who is especially crazy about beef, so I had to increase my repertoire. At first he didn’t like the idea to not have the steak medium rare but after he tasted the buttery soft meat with the roasted onion and freshly grated black pepper he didn’t mind at all!   … Continue reading Buttersoft Sirloin with Crispy Onions – Hagymás rostélyos

Goulash Soup – Gulyásleves

Goulash soup was often the starter for our Sunday lunch followed by some sweet pancake (palacsinta) or cottage cheese dumplings (túrógombóc). All the flavour from the beef and vegetables is concentrated in the golden liquid, the spiciness of the paprika created a beautiful aftertaste. Great to have a nice slice of bread on the side, dig into the soup time to time and wipe out … Continue reading Goulash Soup – Gulyásleves