Layered savoy cabbage

Layered savoy cabbage is also a traditional Hungarian recipe which varies wildly in every household. I”d like to introduce my version that I learnt from my grandmother long, long time ago. It has such a great flavor that I can never resist having a second helping. The salty cabbage, the paprika mince and the mild rice go together extremely well, the creamy sour cream and … Continue reading Layered savoy cabbage

Green cream soup with meat dumplings

This creamy green soup is a great source for all vital minerals and vitamins. Perfect for summer as you can use fresh ingredients from your garden or your local market. The dumpling creates a beautiful balance on your palate with its mild flavours and soft texture. Offer some cold sour cream for your hot soup. Ingredients: 1 onion 200 g green peas 4-5 carrots 1celerystick … Continue reading Green cream soup with meat dumplings

Pork loin chops with creamy mushroom

This Hungarian dish makes me feel like I”m in the middle of a deep forest as the earthy mushrooms and the fresh green parsley emit their wonderful aromas. The meat wobbles mysteriously in the tangy sour cream, surrounded with the smoked paprika and garlic. The penne like miniature wood logs are waiting to jump on the plate and dive into the sauce. Ingredients: 8 pork … Continue reading Pork loin chops with creamy mushroom

Hungarian layered potato bake

This Hungarian recipe is simple and tasty. It was often our dinner during a busy week as it does not need much preparation. The smokiness from the Hungarian sausage goes deep inside the potato, the velvety sour cream makes the dish complete and heartwarming. Have some pickled gherkinor beetroot on the side to get the best out of your meal. Ingredients: 4-5 potato 5 egg … Continue reading Hungarian layered potato bake