Spicy strawberry soup

During hot summers Hungarians love having a cold fruit soup for lunch. The most common is made with sour cherry and cloves and it gives you a vitalizing refreshment. My velvety strawberry soup mingles sublimely with crunchy almond bites, and the roasted fennel and black pepper leave a vibrant aftertaste on your palate. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon butter 400 g strawberry 370 ml single cream 250 … Continue reading Spicy strawberry soup

Beef tatar

  Every Hungarian has their own recipe for beef tartar. Some like it hot, some prefer the sweeter tomato flavours, some just make it buttery or dazzle with a dash of cognac. So many different approaches – only one outcome: Hungarians love Beef tartar! I personally enjoy the milder seasoning variety on warm toast with melted butter and freshly ground black pepper. Ingredients: 400g beef … Continue reading Beef tatar