Slow cooked lamb shank

My father and I love lamb, especially lamb shank. He always takes great pleasure inspecting the bone like a sheep dog to find the last bits of meat on the bone. And he is right. With this recipe I made his job easier, as the meat literally just falls off, leaving a perfectly clean bone behind. Ingredients: 4 lamb shank 1.2 kg plain flour 300 … Continue reading Slow cooked lamb shank

Lamb shashlik with tomato hearts

This lamb shashlik is a great reflection of Spring. Fresh with the fragrance of citrus and sage, complete with light and round puff pastry enriched with ripe tomato. The warmness heats up not just our stomach, but our soul as well, so we have nothing left to do but lay back and succumb to the flavors. Ingredients: 600 g leg of lamb 2 zucchini 30-35 … Continue reading Lamb shashlik with tomato hearts