Hungarian style pork with polenta

This is a very simple, cost effective yet delicious Hungarian recipe – ideal for weekday dinners as it doesn’t take much time to prepare. The hearty gravy rejuvenates you at the end of the day. All the rustic flavorsof the paprika and caraway seeds seep into the meat making it so tender you don’t even need a knife. Ingredients: 2 pork tenderloins 1 onion, finely … Continue reading Hungarian style pork with polenta

Pork loin chops with creamy mushroom

This Hungarian dish makes me feel like I”m in the middle of a deep forest as the earthy mushrooms and the fresh green parsley emit their wonderful aromas. The meat wobbles mysteriously in the tangy sour cream, surrounded with the smoked paprika and garlic. The penne like miniature wood logs are waiting to jump on the plate and dive into the sauce. Ingredients: 8 pork … Continue reading Pork loin chops with creamy mushroom

Sausage stuffed pork loin

This meat is a great example of Hungarian food as there are many ways of eating this delicious pork loin straight from the oven with the piquant and juicy carrots, thinly sliced with some steamed rice and gravy or hours later as a cold cut with some pickled cucumber and fresh bread. Ingredients: 800 g pork loin joint 1 medium size soft kolbász or chorizo … Continue reading Sausage stuffed pork loin