Orange Sachercake

The original Austrian-Hungarian cake is not just Vienna’s most famous dessert but my grandma’s favourite as well. Whist the traditional Sachertorte is usually made with apricot jam and served with whipped cream, I prefer to use orange marmalade in my version as it goes extremely well with the deep dark chocolate. Serving with creme fraiche or sour cream gives some edge to the cake. Ingredients: … Continue reading Orange Sachercake

Game style leg of lamb with dumplings

My mother is the expert in preparing the vegetable sauce for this meat, and she’s the one who began using wine to give a bit of sparkle to the meal. It’s hard to decide what I love the most in this Hungarian food, the sweet and creamy carrot sauce, the tender and garlicky lamb or the spongy dumplings. Luckily we can enjoy all these flavours … Continue reading Game style leg of lamb with dumplings

Dobos cake – Dobos torta

This Hungarian cake was named after its famous creator József C. Dobos (1847-1924). The key to its success is the multiple layers of sponge cake, the buttery chocolate filling and the crispy sweet caramel top. This cake definitely will win all your guests over and I promise you it’s not difficult to make.   Ingredients: 9 eggs 210 g icing sugar 210 g self rising … Continue reading Dobos cake – Dobos torta

Goulash Soup – Gulyásleves

Goulash soup was often the starter for our Sunday lunch followed by some sweet pancake (palacsinta) or cottage cheese dumplings (túrógombóc). All the flavour from the beef and vegetables is concentrated in the golden liquid, the spiciness of the paprika created a beautiful aftertaste. Great to have a nice slice of bread on the side, dig into the soup time to time and wipe out … Continue reading Goulash Soup – Gulyásleves